What are Forest Offsets?

Forest Offsets are derived from CNCF planting projects. Our projects adhere to the standards set out by either Gold Standard or the Australian Emission Reduction Fund but are not certified. We have our planting sites independantly verified to ensure 1 offset equals 1 tonne of CO2-e.   Industry best methods are used to implement the project and measure the carbon stored. We keep an internal registry, guaranteeing that each credit cannot be resold.

How do your plantings/trees create carbon offsets?

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and store the carbon in their leaves, branches, stems, bark and roots. Approximately half the dry weight of a tree’s biomass is carbon. One tonne of C = 3.67 tonnes of ‘carbon dioxide equivalent’ (CO2-e).

How do you measure carbon from your planting sites?

Carbon sequestration is measured on a per hectare basis. The amount of carbon sequestered per hectare depends on the tree growth, which is dependent on species planted and density of the planting.

In high rainfall zones with good soil, 3 to 5 trees may produce 1 tonne of CO2e over 25 years. In lower rainfall zones and poorer soil, this could be 10-15 trees 1 tonne of CO2e over 25 years.

Carbon measurement is done through either FullCAM modelling or on-ground measurement of biomass carbon:

  • The Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) is the calculation engine managed by the Australian Department of the Environment, which estimates the carbon captured by the growing of trees for generation of ACCUs. CNCF has contributed field measurement data from our plantings as part of an on-going CSIRO project to update the FullCAM models.

Do you follow standards?

Yes! Our project adhere to  Australian Emission Reduction Fund.

Although some of our projects are registered under the ERF, we do not currently offer certified credits from our projects.  The high administrative costs of certification and audit are prohibitive for a charity. Forest offsets are independently verified, but not accredited under the Australian Government's National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

Are the offsets protected?

Yes. Each of our projects is protected for 25-100 years, depending on the site.  Sites are also insured against fire for the first three years after planting. After that time, it is expected that the native species provide natural regrowth in the event of damage from fire, pests or vermin. Other protection strategies include geographic separation of projects and grazing of sheep to reduce the inter-row biomass.

What is the difference between making a donation or buying an offset or tree?

All the funds raised through trees, donations, and offsets help us raise funds to keep planting new projects. We create different product pools with in a project, and we allocate your tree and offset back to that pool.  This means we cannot resell your offset.

Can I claim carbon neutrality from your offsets?

Yes and no.

You have to measure your entire carbon footprint and then offset it all to say you are carbon neutral.  You can, however, say that you have offset [x amount] of emissions with our Forest Offsets.

For business wishing to offset, there are complications regarding tax, so it is preferable you speak to us first.

What kind of transparency can you give me?

We offer planting and monitoring reports from all our projects. We cannot guarantee that a project will deliver the estimated result, which is why we allocate to a pool.  We do keep an internal registry that is being further developed to give allocation numbers with the help of a Lotterywest grant in 2020.

Accredited Gold Standard Offsets

Historically Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund as planted in Australia's Gold Standard 'Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor'. We are still a reseller of offsets from this project please contact us to obtain credits.

Public Reports on this project can be found at  https://impact.sustain-cert.com/public_projects/548

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