What does carbon neutral mean?


Carbon Neutral is when net greenhouse gas emissions are equal to zero

Many of our everyday activities generate carbon emissions. Measuring your emissions is the first step towards being Carbon Neutral, using our Carbon Calculator you can measure your emissions and seek ways to reduce those emissions. However it is not practical to stop all carbon producing activities. No matter how we try, it is nearly impossible to reduce our carbon footprint to zero.

A way of negating these unavoidable carbon emissions is to pay for greenhouse gas reductions made by activities such as tree plantings, wind farms and hydroelectricity. This is known as carbon offsetting. If enough offsets are purchased to balance all emissions remaining after your reduction efforts, then your net emissions will be zero. This is when you can achieve carbon neutrality.

When you work towards being carbon neutral by reducing your emissions and buying carbon offsets you’re reducing your environmental impact and helping to provide a better and healthier world for future generations. And as an added benefit you often save some money along the way as you use less resources.


What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a global market-based mechanism designed to balance out the scales. When you buy one tonne of carbon dioxide offset it basically means there will be one less tonne of carbon dioxide (or an equivalent greenhouse gas) in the atmosphere than there otherwise would have been.

Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund generates carbon offsets by planting trees. Our approach is to use degraded farmland to restore the natural habitat. You can find out more about our plantings here.  Every carbon offset you purchase, every tree you give, every dollar you donate, helps us to plant more trees and shrubs.

Our Carbon Offsets are certified under the Gold Standard - an award winning international certification standard that is recognised around the world as the benchmark for quality in carbon offsets. Established in 2003 by WWF, all Gold Standard projects must demonstrate real and permanent greenhouse gas reductions as well as sustainable environmental and community development benefits in local communities that are measured, reported and verified. For more information on the Gold Standard certification please click here.