Sustainability at home – Energy Consumption

Do you ever wonder which appliances in your home use the most energy? Or how much it actually costs to run that heater? It’s easy to work out using this formula:

  1. Determine how many watts of power the appliance consumes. For example, take a typical pool pump, which operates at 1100 watts (or 1.1kw)
  2. Work out your current rate per KW hour which you can find on your electricity bill. For example in Perth it’s 0.2083 cents (A1 tariff)
  3. Now you can figure out your hourly cost of running your appliance by using this formula:

Watts/1000 x your current rate per KW hour on your electricity bill = hourly cost of running your appliance
For example: 1100 watts/1000 x 0.2083 cents = 23 cents per hour. In the summer months, when the pool pump is running 7 to 8 hours a day, it equals around $100 on a 60-day electricity bill.

So using this formula can help you to identify power hungry appliances which you then can consider replacing with more energy efficient products.

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