Earth Hour ‘Save the Ales’

The unimaginable has happened. Due to climate change we’re heading into a beer crisis.

We’ll either have less tasty beer or more expensive beer.

University of Queensland researchers warn that climate change could affect the amount and quality of starch found in barley, which, when malted, is a major ingredient in beer.

Brewers will either accept the loss of quality, or invest more in their crops to protect them from water stress, and pass that cost onto the beer-drinker.


Earth Hour is running the ‘Save the Ales’ campaign to encourage beer drinkers across Australia to go out and celebrate Earth Hour with the Aussie beers that they love, before it’s too late.


Earth Hour kicks off this Saturday 28th March, at 8.30pm local time. Wherever you plan to be, there’s ways you can take action.

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