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Vehicles Vehicles 0 t CO2

Vehicle Emissions

The standard calculation uses the average Australian km travelled per annum 13,200 km.

If you would like to input your actual distance travelled in the last year please login for advanced options

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Electricity Electricity 0 t CO2

Kilowatt Hours

To calculate your emissions you will need a copy of your electricity bill/s. Kilowatt Hours (kWh) are the units used on your bill. 

If you would like to calculate the emission factor for your state please login to access advanced features. 

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Electricity Gas 0 t CO2



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Waste Waste 0 t CO2


Household Waste Emissions

Your household waste emissions are calculated on weight. The average Australian household creates 12kg per week or 624kg per annum.

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Food Food & Drink 0 t CO2


Calculate the GHG emissions from your weekly food consumption. 

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Air Travel Air Travel 0 t CO2

Our standard calculator basis it distances on the following trips

Short Haul - Melbourne to Brisbane return

Medium Haul - Sydney to Kuala Lumpur return

Long Haul -Melbourne to London return

An uplift factor of 9% is included to account for indirect routes and delays / circling of planes

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Public Transport Public Transport 0 t CO2


Explanation of 'Transport Type'

Use 'Average Passenger Load' if your travel is off-peak travel and 

'Urban Commute' if you travel in peak commuting times



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Events Events 0 t CO2



Food & Drink


Giveaways & Promotional Materials




Combine with Electricity (request the amount consumed from your venue), Food, Waste and Transport (your guests transport) to calculate the total amount of carbon emissions for your Event and then go on to fully (or partially) offset.

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