February 2015

Sustainability at home: Composting

23 February 2015

Composting is a great way of getting rid of rubbish and at the same time creating nutrient-rich hummus that helps the soil retain moisture. However, it’s not only about throwing everything on a big pile and waiting for it to break down – the better the conditions, the faster the composting process happens. Here are …

August 2011

Sustainability at home – Energy Consumption

15 August 2011

Do you ever wonder which appliances in your home use the most energy? Or how much it actually costs to run that heater? It’s easy to work out using this formula: Determine how many watts of power the appliance consumes. For example, take a typical pool pump, which operates at 1100 watts (or 1.1kw) Work …

February 2011

A re-look at climate change – The Garnaut Review 2011

23 February 2011

Professor Ross Garnaut was commissioned by the Australian Government to conduct an independent study of the impacts of climate change on the Australian economy. The Review’s Final Report was released on 30 September 2008. The Report analysed the science of climate change, expected impacts, global action and proposed policy frameworks to meet the challenge in …